IFRS Basic

240.00 plus VAT



IFRS Basic training course introduces and develops knowledge and understanding of the underlying principles, concepts and regulations relating to financial accounting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). It concentrates in depth on recording, processing, and reporting business transactions and events. It also covers the principles of accounts preparation and drafting financial statements (i.e. the statement of financial position, the income statement, the statement of changes in equity and the cash flow). The course additionally introduces the concept of consolidation and covers preparation of simple consolidated financial statements.

This e-learning is especially recommended to:

  • new employees of finance and accounting departments who want to get familiar or refresh their basic knowledge of financial accounting under IFRS in English
  • employees of shared service centers who want to broaden their understanding of accounting and preparation of financial statements

Duration of training - 20 clock-hours

Course price: 240 EUR + 23% VAT

The access to the material is delivered after receiving payment. Along with access to video content, the client receives access to training materials, with a set of these tasks and notes coach.

Programme covers:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Principles of Double Entry
  • Module 3: Principles of Double Entry continued
  • Module 4: Final Accounts
  • Module 5: Final Accounts continued
  • Module 6: IAS 16: Property, Plant and Equipment
  • Module 7: IAS 16 continued
  • Module 8: IAS 1: Presentation of Financial Statements
  • Module 9: IAS 1 continued
  • Module 10: IAS 2: Inventories
  • Module 11: IAS 7: Statement of Cash Flows
  • Module 12: IAS 7 continued
  • Module 13: IAS 10 and IAS 37
  • Module 14: IAS 38, IAS 8
  • Module 15: Simple Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Module 16: Simple Consolidated Financial Statements continued
  • Module 17: Simple Consolidated Financial Statements continued